22th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Red Dawns have started with the project

Young Dawns for Solidarity and Equality !!!

 The project is co-funded by the European Unions, the ERASMUS+ programme


22nd festival Red Dawns
5.3. – 11.3.2021
The Red Dawns are inviting you to join us at the 22nd, this time mostly online, edition of the International Feminist and Queer Festival.

Although we can hardly wait for concerts, in person discussions and live dancing, we have nevertheless decided that the fight must go on, albeit from a safe distance. March 8th is our holiday and we see it fit that women* and queer people take their place and present their artistic, intellectual, creative and other undervalued but important work. It is time for our voices to be heard, and for our laughter to spread around the internet as well. Despite the virus, authoritarian repression and persecution of otherness, we are still here. We work, create, care for the community, and cultivate resistance.

Our programme this year includes the exhibition To jest wojna // This is WarA Selection of Protest Posters of the All-Polish Women’s Strike, which presents the role of Polish visual artists in the fight against the ban on abortion currently taking place. Once again, in collaboration with spol.si, we will award the dishonorable bodeča neža (thistle) for the most sexist statement made by a public figure in Slovenia. Federico Luz and Danijela Zajc will each present their own performance. Danijela’s performance piece Niti was created in Cirkusarna NaokROG, one of the destroyed premises of the Rog Autonomous Factory. It is impossible to articulate or, at this point, even comprehend what loss was suffered due to the violent and illegal eviction and demolition carried out by the Municipality of Ljubljana. However, we are aware of the power of MOL’s PR machine, so we think it is all the more important to put on a practical demonstration of what had been created in this space.

The festival will also feature Ingver and GverilkII with a live online musical performance, and balans, whose musical contributions will complement poetry readings organised in collaboration with the platform IGNOR. The festival will be rounded off with Asja Novak’s lecture Albanian Sworn Virgins and a presentation of the campaign by Inštitut 8. marec to redefine the legal definition of rape based on the “only yes means yes” model.

Rdečke are still spreading around, this time online. We are still international, feminist and queer. And we still have a lot to showcase, so expect a strong Red Cycle, live, later in the year!


*includes all genders that identify with the word



Pre-festival events


Petra Korent: Welcome back to Paradise
Thursday, 18.2., at 18:00

Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, ACC Metelkova City
Metelkova ulica 4, Ljubljana
Coproduction/co-organisation: Night Window Display Gallery Pešak
Free entry


Festival events


To jest wojna // This is War
Friday, 5.3., at 11:00
5.3. – 26.3.2020, Mon – Fri 11.00 – 19.00

A Selection of Protest Posters of the All-Polish Women’s Strike
Gallery Alkatraz, ACC Metelkova City
Metelkova ulica 8, Ljubljana
Coproduction/co-organisation of the online exhibition: Association Vita Activa/ spol.si
Free entry

Sobota, 6.3., at 20:00

First Slovenian Feminist Film Festival
Short movies and artists’ talk in colaboration with GRRL HAUS CINEMA (Berlin)
Online (different languages)
Coproduction/co-organisation: FeFi – First Slovenian Feminist Film Festival, GRRL HAUS CINEMA  (Berlin)
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




Bodeča neža x Fem TV
Sunday, 7.3., at 19:00

Thorny Thistle award ceremony
Online (in Slovene)
Coproduction/co-organisation: Association Vita Activa/ spol.si, Fem TV
Suggested voluntary contribution: 5€




Asja Novak: Albanian Sworn Virgins
Monday, 8.3., at 18:00

Online (in English)
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




Only YES means YES!
Tuesday, 9.3., at 18:00

Online (in Slovene)
Coproduction/co-organisation: Inštitut 8. marec
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




Danijela Zajc: Threads
Tuesday, 9.3., at 20:00

Modern Circus Performance
Online (in English)
Coproduction/co-organisation: Društvo Mismo Nismo, Zavod Bufeto, Cirkusarna Naokrog, Zavod Vitkar, Stara Elektrarna
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




IGNOR x Red Dawns
Wednesday, 10.3., at 19:00

Poetry-music performance
Online (in Slovene)
Coproduction/co-organisation: IGNOR, balans, Klub Gromka
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




Ingver in GverilkII
Thursday, 11.3., at 19:00

Online (in Slovene)
Coproduction/co-organisation: Cirkulacija2
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution




Federico Luz: Da geht di Sonne unter!
Thursday, 11.3., at 21:00

Online (in English, Spanish and German)
Free entry – recommended voluntary contribution







The Red Dawns team did not resign and is planning the festival despite dire circumstances – even though we do not know how much we will be able to carry out live and how much online or in any other format. That’s why we are inviting you to:

A clear your schedule around the 8th of March as every year and

B open your wallets – it there’s anything left in them – to support the festival.



We invite you to Petra Korent’s exhibition Welcome Back to Paradise, which will be on public display from Thursday, 18th of February at Nočna izložba Pešak, ACC Metelkova mesto.

Petra Korent’s exhibition Welcome Back to Paradise announces the arrival of the 22nd edition of the Red Dawn Feminist and Queer Festival, for which the author has also designed the visual identity, and opens the doors of this year’s exhibition season at the Nočna izložba Pešak Gallery. The beginning of the exhibition year will be marked by playfulness, positive energy and Red Dawns.


Kindly invited to the second benefit of the season, to the tradicional Anti-valentines benefit of Red Dawns: Antivalentines: Pub quiz, an online video conferencing event on Saturday, 13 March 2021. Application is necessary. 



Kindly invited to the first benefit of the season DIY PRESTIGE: Colouring book, an online video conferencing event. Application is necessary.




21.1. 2021, ACC Metelkova mesto


9. 2. 2021, ACC Metelkova mesto