Young Dawns for Solidarity and Equality

Hostility towards young people on the margins of society (migrants, LGBTQ+ persons, people with learning difficulties, different abilities, mental health problems, women and anyone who looks different from the majority) is becoming more and more noticeable and worrying. We are seeing an increase in hate speech in the media and online, and young people with fewer opportunities are also increasingly the target of physical violence. The young initiators of this project therefore decided to come together and emphasize the importance of solidarity in society, both among young people and intergenerationally. They are noticing a growing disconnect between their generation and older generations, especially those in positions of power. They are committed to the principles of equality and solidarity. 

They want to address: 

  • gender inequality 
  • a different view of issues of equality and justice the rights of disadvantaged social groups –
  • Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities 
  • listening to different points of view and dialogue 
  • creative expression and critical art 
  • concern for the environment and a systemic understanding of environmental issues 
  • the intertwining of issues of inequality and environmental justice 

Using the methods of non-formal learning and youth dialogue, the initiators will gather the views, concerns and initiatives of young people and pass them on to decision-makers and establish a dialogue. 


Questionnaire (only in Slovene language)

The staff of the International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns has therefore prepared a questionnaire with which we want to check among young people what experiences they have with inequality. We note that only a limited number of people pay attention to the issue of inequality and that our votes and voices do not reach decision-makers, or they too quickly reject them as marginal and irrelevant. With the questionnaire we want to gather views and experiences and shed light on them.


The Project  Young Dawns for Solidarity and Equality is co-funded by the European Unions, the ERASMUS+ programme.

Young Dawns for Solidarity and Equality