Antivalentines: Pub Quiz


Saturday, 13.2.2021, at 20:00

20:00 – 22:00 (CET)



On February 13th we invite you to join us at our traditional Anti-Valentine Red Dawns Benefit.


Once again we will celebrate love – but not that kind of love: capitalism stole love from us, the coronavirus stole closeness and now state based repression wants to steal our solidarity. It is up to us to reclaim love, closeness and solidarity and to redefine them on our own terms! And if we have fun whilst doing so, even better.

The Red Dawns are inviting you to join us for our anti-valentine benefit, this time in the form of an online pub quiz, where we will remember important events from feminist history, achievments of the feminist and queer struggles and much more, all with the help of Savinia Zakai. You can test your knowledge on more or less obscure topics connected with love, solidarity and rebellion.

This year we celebrate not only love stories, from partnerships to singledome, self-love, queer relationships, non-monogamy, non-platonic friendships, asexual romantic relationships, familiy ties which are not defined by blood relations and other non-normative ways of caring for one another that are too complicated and too important to categorize. We also celebrate loving communal solidarity!

We invite you to pour yourself a glass of wine (or any other preferred beverage) and join us with your loved ones for a fun evening – this time online. Your contribution will go towards the realisation of the 22nd International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, which will take place between March 5th and 12th 2021!

You can apply to take part in the quiz via this online form – you can participate alone, in a pair or in a group. The quiz will take place via video call in English, Slovene and partly in an universal cosmic language and will be live streamed. We have prepared prizes for the winner(s) of the quiz!



Applications are open till Thursday February 11th, applicants will receive further details via email. You can apply through this online form.


You can support the festival via donation through our transaction account SI56 6100 0001 6041 722 (code of purpose: CHAR, purpose: donation for Red Dawns, address: KUD Mreža, Masarykova cesta 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia) or through PayPal. Our suggested donation is 5€/person, off course we will be grateful for any contribution within your means.


Donations through bank account:

KUD Mreža

Masarykova 24

1000 Ljubljana



Delavska Hranilnica D.D. Ljubljana

IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 6041 722

Code of purpose: CHAR

Purpose: donation for Red Dawns


You can also make a donation through this PayPal link.



The Facebook event is available through this link.

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Antivalentines: Pub Quiz