23th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns
 Open Call for p**n films!

The Red Dawns collective invites all gorgeous film-video-pleasure-fun-excitement makers to submit their short feminist&queer p**n films to be screened in Ljubljana in March 2023.

The Red Dawns International Feminist and Queer Festival wants to create a safe space to collectively discuss and reflect on p**nography, sexuality and sexual identity from feminist and queer perspectives.


Apply through February 1st through the FilmFreeway page!


 The Red Dawns are seeking new forces!
The Red Dawns are inviting new members of the collective. We invite all who wish to help organise this queer and feminist festival which is held every year (for the past 23 years) around the 8th of March.We will hold a meet and greet sometime in December in the office of KUD Mreža at ACC Metelkova city, Ljubljana.

We invite all interested to fill in
this application form.

Footage and photographs of the festival events can be viewed on the
Red Dawns website.


4.3. – 13.3.2022
Many locations

The Red Dawns collective invites you to join us at, our and yours, 23rd International Feminist and Queer Festival!

This year, too, the festival will be partially reduced, but even bigger, as the fight and fun must continue this year, albeit from a safe distance. We cannot and will not miss the celebration and glorification of the festival of all women*! March the 8th is our holiday and we rightfully take our space, all queer feminists and queer people, and present our artistic, intellectual, creative and other underestimated, unexposed or invisible, but important work. It is time for our voices to be heard both on the Internet and in the streets, and for our laughter to echo, our smiles to shine, and our hugs to be woven.

Despite the virus, the authoritarian repression and the persecution of otherness, we still exist and remain here! All of us who are different, neglected, marginalized and invisible, we stay here! We work, create, care for the community and cultivate rebellion, and take time for ourselves as well. Rest is also a tool for the revolt against capitalism and repression!

This year’s program will open with the main festival exhibition at the Alcatraz Gallery, this time by the artist Urška Preis, where she will present her artistic research into the pain of women*, titled Dolores.

During the festival, we will award, already for the tenth time, with the portal spol.si and the theatrical performances from FEMtv and ZIZ collective, the dishonourable “prize” of the Prickly Thistle, the prize for the most sexist statement of the year. At the same time, we will embed some of the most prickly statements in the Night Window Display Gallery and the virtual gallery of the spol.si portal, rerendered in the exhibition BOTS – Based on True Stories.

Saša Bezjak, Mentalika, Luen Rom and Danijela Zajc will each present their performances. The latter is participating in the festival with the performance PRAG, the second in the cycle of the trilogy entitled Niti PraGozd. We will also glorify non-institutional art through the exhibition and performance Feminism is taking over the City!  in Cirkulacija2, and the second of the main exhibitions of the Red Dawns festival – Marijo Zupanov: Under the Tuck.

Musical performer Mary Ocher and the Slovenian band Lelee will also perform at the festival, and Ya Toshiba, Nulla and Dvidevat will help us to spice up the long winter nights. Instrumentalists Urška Savič and Tadeja Žele will complement the reading of the IGNOR platform poetry with musical contributions.

The festival will be rounded off with numerous workshops – screen printing, rope aerials and aerial rings and vogueing – and a round table of translators of feminist literature with Sophia publishing house, SCCA-Ljubljana and spol.si and we will re-connect at the traditional community Brunch.

The Read Dawns collective is raging like never before. We are still international, feminist and queer!


* the word women is here used for everyone who identifies with this word



Link to the Facebook event



Pre-festival events

Video workshops
Training for future videographers, between the 24.2. – 17.3.
Various locations and times
Free entry –  the project is part of the European Solidarity Corps programme, which is co-financed by the European Union.

Screen-printing Workshop
Sunday, 27.2., at 13:00 

METATISK, AKC Metelkova city
Metelkova ulica 4, Ljubljana
Coproduction/Coordination: METATISK and Reciklart festival
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Festival events

Ivana Armanini:
BOTS – Based on True Stories

Friday, 4.3., at 18:00
Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, ACC Metelkova city
Metelkova ulica 4, Ljubljana
Coproduction/Coordination: Night Window Display Gallery, KC Danilo Kiš
Coproduction/Coordination of the online exhibition: Društvo za uveljavljanje enakosti in pluralnosti Vita Activa/spol.si
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Urška Preis:
Dolores – Pain Through the Image of Sound
Friday, 4.3., at 19:00
4.3. – 25.3.2022, Mon – Fri 11.00 – 19.00
Tea party with the artist 16.2. at 17:00

Solo exhibition of visual and sound artist Urška Preis
Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova city
Metelkova ulica 8, Ljubljana
Coproduction/Coordination: Alkatraz Gallery, KELA
Free entry

Feminism is taking over the City!
Anna Lerchbaumer, Conny Zenk, Hui Ye and Nika Erjavec
Monday, 7.3., at 18:00
7.3. – 13.3.2022, Mon – Sun 12.00 – 18.00

Coproduction/Coordination: FriFormA\V, Cirkulacija2
The event is co-financed by Austrian Kultur Forum
Free entry

bodeča neža x Fem TV x collective ZIZ Maribor
Monday, 7.3., at 20:00

Announcement of the Thistle Award
Club Gromka
Coproduction/Coordination: Društvo za uveljavljanje enakosti in pluralnosti Vita Activa / Spol.si, Fem TV, KUD ZIZ, Club Gromka
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Translating as a form of feminist engagement
Dr. Ana Makuc, dr. Katja Čičigoj, Mojca Dobnikar,
moderated by Tea Hvala
Tuesday, 8.3., at 17:00

SCCA-Ljubljana Project Room
Coproduction/Coordination: Sophia publishing house, SCCA-Ljubljana, Društvo za uveljavljanje enakosti in pluralnosti Vita Activa / Spol.si
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Retro: Maja Weiss and the Club of Women Directors
Tuesday, 8.3., at 19:00
Talk, streamed online
FeFi and Red Dawns Facebook page
Coproduction/Coordination: FeFi

IGNOR x Red Dawns
Wednesday, 9.3., at 20:30

Poetry-musical performance with music inserts by Urška Savič and Tadeja Žele
Club Gromka
Coproduction/Coordination: IGNOR, Club Gromka
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Fresh: film initiative Rojava
Thursday, 10.3., at 19:00
Talk, streamed online
FeFi and Red Dawns Facebook page
Coproduction/Coordination: FeFi

Mary Ocher & Lelee
Thursday, 10.3., at 21:00

Club Gromka
Coproduction/Coordination: Club Gromka
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Night of Contemporary Circus
Friday, 11.3., at 19:30

Performance and contemporary circus play
House of Culture Kamnik
Coproduction/Coordination: House of Culture Kamnik, Vitkar Institute, Mismo Nismo association, Matafir association
Entry fee 10€ – discount for Red Dawns friends and family

Luen Rom: Without Tags
Without Tags is a number of defiance to society about what they told us we had to be. Breaking with tradition is a transition from discovery to non-binary. It is activism, it is empowerment, theory, and identity.

Danijela Zajc: Treshold
The performance Threshold is the second part of a confessional trilogy entitled Niti PraGozd, which began with the author’s first performance Niti (2019). It deals with personal crises or transitional states that have left a strong mark on the author and have also transformed her to an extent.

Ya Tosiba, Dvidevat and Nulla
Friday, 11.3., at 22:00

Electronic music night
Club Monokel
Coproduction/Coordination: Club Monokel
Entrance fee before 00:00 5 €, after 7€

Now: Only yes means yes – about the Istanbul convention
Saturday, 12.3., at 19:00
Talk, streamed online
FeFi and Red Dawns Facebook page
Coproduction/Coordination: FeFi

Saša Bezjak: International Bezjak Red
Saturday, 12.3., at 20:00

Alkatraz Gallery
Coproduction/Coordination: Artists & Poors, Društvo za promocijo žensk v kulturi – City of Women
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution
Mandatory registration through galerija.alkatraz@gmail.com, Subject: International Bezjak Red. The number of participants is limited.

Luen Rom: Aerial Workshop
Saturday, 12.3., 12:00 – 15:00

Coproduction/Coordination: Matafir association
Workshop fee 20 €
Mandatory registration through danijelazajc@gmail.com , Subject: Delavnica zračne vrvi (Aereal Workshop).The number of participants is limited.

Sunday, 13.3., at 13:00

Community Brunch
Coproduction/Coordination: Infoshop
Free entry – Mandatory registration through rdece.zore@gmail.com, Subject: Brunch. The number of participants is limited.

Luen Rom: Vogueing Workshop & Ball
Sunday, 13.3., at 16:00

Club Tiffany
Coproduction/Coordination: Club Tiffany
Free entry – Recommended voluntary contribution

Marijo Zupanov: Under the Tuck
30.3. – 22.4.2022

Performative guided tour and opening of the exhibition, 30.3., at 19:00
Solo exhibition of Marijo Zumanov
Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto
Metelkova ulica 8, Ljubljana
Coproduction/Coordination: Alkatraz Gallery
Free entry




♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Image for the benefit by: Qëndresë Deda


Red Dawns are inviting you to join us for our Anti-valentine DIY Prestige benefit: Notebook, on Monday, 14 February at 6 p. m. – this time in the form of an online collective writing of short sentences with the help of the surrealistic method exquisite corpse. Application is required.

Once again we will celebrate love – but not that kind of love: capitalism stole love from us, the coronavirus stole closeness and now state based repression wants to steal our solidarity. It is up to us to reclaim love, closeness and solidarity and to redefine them on our own terms! And if we have fun whilst doing so, even better.


Red Dawns have started with the project

Young Dawns for Solidarity and Equality !!!

 The project is co-funded by the European Unions, the ERASMUS+ programme