13th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns


Red dawns 2013

are inviting volunteers and artists to participate

and collecting proposals for graphic image of the festival 2013

Submission deadline for the artists: 10th September 2012


March 6th-11th 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Venues: Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6, Ljubljana
Autonomus Cultural Centre Metelkova mesto (including SOT-24,5 Club, A-Infoshop, Tiffany Club (ŠKUC-Cultural Center Q), Gromka Club, Alkatraz Gallery and Menza pri koritu), Masarykova 24/Metelkova 6, Ljubljana
Kapelica Gallery, Cafe Metropol, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana

KUD Mreža, Masarykova 24, 1000 Ljubljana, www.kudmreza.org

Red Min(e)d, Kiberpipa, ŠKUC-Buba, Alkatraz Gallery, Kapelica Gallery, LJUDMILA – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (at KUD France Prešeren Trnovo), Workers’-Punks’ University (The Peace Institute), Klub Gromka, YHD, A-Infoshop, Menza pri koritu, ŠKUC-Cultural center Q – Tiffany Club, Serbian