ProFemina: Jugoslovenski feminizmi

Discussion and presentation of journals ProFemina and Uz)bu))na)): Combative Women’s Celebration: Feminism as Politics of Equality for All

THURSDAY, MARCH 8TH – Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Red Dawns, Workers’-Punks’ University and Bring In Take Out Living Archive present a public discussion and presentation of two special issues of the ProFemina journal and online journal Uz)bu))na)))

Combative Women’s Celebration: Feminism as Politics of Equality for All

Speakers: Ana Vilenica and Tanja Marković, editors of Uz)bu))na))), and Jelena Petrović, co-editor of special ProFemina issues

In contemporary popular culture and public space, it is difficult to distinguish between Valentine’s Day and the International Women’s Day. The media, consumerism and mainstream politics have systematically de-politicized and historically revised the potential as well as the significance of March 8th. We believe that it is necessary to make a radical rupture in order to re-politicize March 8th as a potential generator of public speech about discrimination, exploitation, marginalization and oppression – and devise feminist strategies for building a new sociality, based on solidarity and equal for all. At the discussion, we are going to present two special issues of ProFemina journal and the 1st issue of Uz)bu))na))) journal as possible sources for the development of future common actions.

We are going to discuss the continuity of Yugoslav practices, a continuity marked by discontinuities in critical thought, development of ideas and their failures. We are going to address the continuity between our work and the work of feminists from earlier generations as a (self)reflective constant. We would also like to discuss something that concerns us all: the need for a new anticapitalist radicalization of feminism and the need for joint efforts that are going to change the oppressive conditions which continue to disable our socially responsible and emancipatory politics of everyday life.

In Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian. No entrance fee.

The first issue of Uz)bu))na))) journal for art, politics, theory and activism, subtitled New Feminism and Art seeks to examine the role of feminist practices in neoliberal capitalist production and in the emancipatory struggles of the first decades of 21st century. Contributors: Biljana Kašić, Đurđa Knežević, h.arta group, Ana Hoffner, Flaka Haliti, Lidija Radojević, Jadranka Milićević, Taida Horozović, Tamara Đorđević, Tea Hvala, Marina Gržinić, Selena Savić, Zoe Gudović and Silvia Federici.

The two special issues of ProFemina (2011) entitled Feminism – Politics of Equality for All and Yugoslav Feminisms engender and discuss two emergent and intersecting topics: feminism and Yugoslavia. The contributors reflect on a range of questions which produce a critical, theoretical and analytical discourse on the feminist history of the present, understood as a common source of emancipatory knowledge in (post)Yugoslav space.

The e-version of both special issues of ProFemina is available at:

Free hard-copies of both volumes are going to be distributed on the spot.

Jelena Petrović (SLO/SRB) is a researcher and art worker. She writes scientific articles, organises events and conceptualises multidisciplinary projects about (post)Yugoslav subjects, particularly about the (mis)interpretative models of Yugoslav history, memory, culture, language and identities. She completed her PhD studies at ISH – Ljubljana’s Graduate School of Humanities with a thesis on women’s authorship in Yugoslavia between two world wars (2009). She is affiliated with MINA, Ljubljana’s Institute for Socially Engaged Art and Theory, Red Min(e)d Collective and Monument Group.

Tanja Marković (SRB) is a writer, artist and feminist activist who participates in Belgrade’s Druga Scena (The Other Scene) platform. As an activist, she collaborates with Women at Work collective and with Belgrade’s Center for Queer Studies.

Ana Vilenica (SRB) is an artist, curator, organiser of cultural events and the author of numerous articles in the field of art criticism, art theory and art history. She finished her doctoral studies with the Group for Theories of Art and Media at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is particularly interested in creating alternative sensitive models of being outside the existing power relations.

Klub Gromka, Metelkova Mesto
Discussion and presentation of journals ProFemina and Uz)bu))na)): Combative Women’s Celebration: Feminism as Politics of Equality for All
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