Biljana Kasić

Public discussion: Creating the Feminist Archive Means Facing the Real to the Most Extent

Red Dawns and Bring In Take Out Living Archive present

Public discussion

Creating the Feminist Archive Means Facing the Real to the Most Extent

Moderated by Red Min(e)d
Speakers: Biljana Kašić (Center for Women’s Studies, HR), Karen Mirza (, UK), Ida Hiršenfelder (SLO) and the artists and curators of Living Archive

The public discussion is going to open some of the key questions related to the ongoing process of archiving in contemporary art. We are going to address the politics/ethics of archiving and new models of epistemology/methodology implied in digital and other experimental media practices. We are going to discuss feminist strategies for creating living archives as forms of living knowledge, the intersections of artistic, activist and theoretical approaches to the common process of knowledge production and the potential to (re)invigorate public space with the use of interactive, participative, inclusive and emancipatory approaches. In addition, we are going to focus on problems that concern the workers who produce these new forms of knowledge or interventions in public space: precarious and invisible labour, unbearable working condition (lack of equipment, space, time, payment), the value of art-works and the value of labour in general.

In English. No entrance fee.

Biljana Kašić (HR) is a theorist and feminist activist, active in the field of “theoretical activism”. She completed her Doctoral studies in Political Science. She is one of the founders and coordinators of the Center for Women’s Studies in Zagreb. She currently teaches at the University of Zadar at the Department of Sociology.

Karen Mirza‘s (UK) multi-layered practice consists of film-making, installation, photography, performance, publishing and curating. Much of Karen’s practice involves collaboration with the artist Brad Butler. Their recent projects include The Common Stage at ZKM Karlsruhe and The Museum of non Participation at the Arnolfini, Bristol. Mirza and Butler are currently producing a new film in collaboration with science fiction author China Mieville. The film about political struggle is informed by the recent revolutionary processes in Egypt. In 2004, Mirza and Butler formed, an artist-run organisation that combines film production with critical dialogue about contemporary image making. It supports the production of artist works, runs workshops, critical discussions and actively curates performances, screenings, residencies, publications, events and exhibitions. Karen is currently a PhD Student in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, undertaking a project which interrogates how moments of change, protest, non-alignment and debate intersect with the visual and its institutions.

Ida Hiršenfelder (SLO) is a contemporary art critic and assistant of video programmes at DIVA Station (Digital Video Archive) at SCCA − Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts. She is an art consultant at LJUDMILA – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab and collaborates with Aksioma − Institute for Contemporary Art on a regular basis. She publishes reviews in Dnevnik daily and on Radio Student where she is the co-editor of a monthly feminist radio show Sektor Ž. Periodically, she also writes texts for exhibition catalogs and arts magazines.

Galerija Kapelica, Kersnikova 4
Public discussion: Creating the Feminist Archive Means Facing the Real to the Most Extent
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