Eva Lučka Kozak

Exhibition opening: Lea Kralj Jager, Eva Lučka Kozak, Kristina Posilović

Exhibition opening

Lea Kralj Jager (Croatia): Something Third

Eva Lučka Kozak (Slovenia): Call me!

Kristina Posilović (Croatia): Introspection: Who Am I?

The Bomb Shelter is a new gallery located in Park slovenske reformacije (former Argentinski park). The entrance is at the children’s playground and will be made visible.

Exhibition opening: March 8th at 19.00

Opening hours: March 8th from 19.00 to 21.00, March 9th–11th from 17.00 to 21.00

Lea Kralj Jager (Croatia): Something Third

“In her essay, Gender Evolution, Kal Cabalt writes: ‘I wasn’t fond of the idea of surgical sex change because of the bad ratio of success, and I could just snap my fingers and become a man. And I liked being a girl as well.’ This is the kind of mindset that has been following me my whole life and which I decided to explore in my work. Something third is a semi-autobiographical / semi-essayistic approach to reviewing gender and the easiness of switching from one identity to another.”

“The way I decided to approach the subject is in the form of an installation that combines animation and painting. Animation seemed like the logical way to go, since it gives one the ability to demonstrate transformation. The painting itself is there to mimic a safe, personal space, like a bedroom, where this kind of change takes place.” — Lea Kralj Jager

Lea Kralj Jager was born in 1985 in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Animation and New Media Department) in 2010. She is foremost a comics artist and also writes the column Žene i strip (Women and Comics). She has been published and has participated in numerous exhibitions such as: Aludiranje (Queer Zagreb, Croatia), Vox Feminae (Zagreb, Croatia), and Curvy (in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia). This is her first exhibition in Slovenia. Whenever she gets the chance, she knits and makes small weird things out of found materials. Her dark desires include kitsch, trashy poetry and combat boots. She’s lousy at wiping dust and makes very bad coffee.

Links: http://nameless-lil.tumblr.com

Eva Lučka Kozak (Slovenia): Call me!

The project explores personal ads as points of social contact that are both intimate and impersonal, made for mass distribution. Her series (four photographs) focuses on the image of a woman who is searching for a lifetime partner by advertising in the personals section. The ad reveals her self-perception, physical and psychological: how she wants to be seen, what she believes will attract the most people or what she believes her best features are.

Eva Lučka Kozak (1989) studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She has exhibited in Slovenia and abroad. Besides her solo exhibition of paintings and graphics at the Mačkon café in Ljubljana she also participated in several group exhibitions in Hostel Celica Gallery (Ljubljana), Zagorje, Maribor, KUD France Prešeren Gallery (Ljubljana) and in Metz (France).

Kristina Posilović (Croatia): Introspection: Who Am I?

The project reflects on women’s interaction with their Otherness and attempts to redefine the concept of ‘women’s material heritage’. The artist asked ten women of different age and class to write a letter to themselves, to the aspect of themselves that ‘hasn’t been born yet’. She also asked them to choose an object that means the most to them and ‘give it to themselves as their heritage’.

Kristina Posilović (1982) graduated in Croatian Language and Literature and is currently a PhD student, writing on erotica in Croatian fiction from 1945 to the present day. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts in Rijeka. Her fields of study include: feminist and psychoanalytic theory, sexuality, erotica and pornography in literature, queer theory and censorship of art.

Link: https://www.ffri.hr/index.php?option=com_people&Itemid=83&task=display&id=999

The programme at the Bomb Shelter is organized by Zavod Pink Klip. For more info, contact Jernej Škof, director of Pink Klip. Phone: + 386 40 794 780, e-mail: pink.klip@gmail.com

No entrance fee.

Bomb Shelter (Park slovenske reformacije)
Exhibition opening: Lea Kralj Jager, Eva Lučka Kozak, Kristina Posilović
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