Red Dawns in Maribor


Between the 7 and 9 March 2024

Mali oder and Club of the National House, kneza Koclja street, 2000 Maribor



5 € (students, self-employed cultural workers) and 10 €


Red Dawns in Maribor

The Red Dawns Festival is celebrating a quarter of a century and is coming to Maribor again. Produced by the ZIZ Association, the program will offer three performances that will illuminate and emphasize the role of women in social reality, historical contexts, as well as theater and stage environments.

On the Small Stage of the National in Maribor, the solo improvisation performance The Art of Process by Sara Šoukal, the docu-fiction performance Ženostan by the Ženostan collective from Poland, and the concert performance On the Floor by Maja Dekleva Lapajna and Alenka Marinič will take place.

The program will be complemented by a round table and screenings of feminist and queer short DIY pornographic films and videos selected through a public open call by Red Dawns.


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The ZIZ collective was established in 2013 and operated until 2021 under the auspices of Pekarna Magdalenska mrže Maribor. In 2021, we founded the ZIZ Cultural Art Society. The association actively works and creates in the field of socially engaged theatre. With workshops based on the method of the theatre of the oppressed and the author’s creation of political performances, ZIZ questions the power relations in society. The plays with which ZIZ introduced itself to the Maribor, Slovenian and international audiences are Slovenian Mother and Daughter, Between Two Fires, The Embrace of the Granite Cube, Behind 4 Walls, Ema, Calais, Calais and Pandora’s Box. In addition to workshops and performances, the collective has been organizing the annual ZIZ Awards Gala since 2014, before which the ZIZ Festival – Days of Maribor Alternative Theater Production has taken place since 2019. It is unique – it is the only festival with a focus on Maribor’s alternative theatre production. With the prestigious ZIZ awards, ZIZ awards the best actresses and actors of Maribor’s alternative theatre scene and awards a ZIZ ring for a special contribution in the aforementioned field. Since 2014, ZIZ has been publishing a calendar whose purpose is the de-objectification of breasts and bodies.

The ZIZ collective is: Anamarija Nađ, Žiga Auer, Barbara Polajnar, Jan F. Podbrežnik, Luka Kristić, Alja Jeršič, David Marn, Ankica Radivojević, Teja Bitenc.




Organization: KUD Mreža/Red Dawns

Co-organization: Narodni dom Maribor

Production: ZIZ Association

Executive production: Ankica Radivojević

Program manager: Barbara Polajnar

Public relations: Anamarija Nađ and Luka Kristić

Technical support and website: David Marn

Photographer: Žiga Auer

Festival team: Teja Bitenc, Nina Kojc, Luka Kristić, Anamarija Nađ, Jan Franc Podbrežnik, Barbara Polajnar, Ankica Radivojević, Žiga Auer

Designing the 2024 festival image: Ariane Podlesny

Media contact: Anamarija Nađ (


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Red Dawns in Maribor