Ariane Podlesny: Dawning Identity


Thursday, 7 March 2024, at 6 pm

Night Window Display Gallery, Masarykova 24, 1000 Ljubljana


Slovene and English

Free entry, collection of voluntary contributions


Ariane Podlesny: Dawning Identity

“Each step forwards to become the person we are makes it harder to go backwards, to return to the shadowy, private world of closed doors and shuttered windows. The experience, the awakening of one’s true self, after being so long suppressed, can never be adequately explained with language.” – Lili Elbe, painter, from “Lili: A Portrait of the First Sex Change”

The exhibition “Dawning Identity” is the visualisation of a journey; a vague description of the artist’s own experience of going forward, of discovering, transitioning, and feeling sincere joy by finding her own true self.

The exhibition will be on display until 16.5.2024.



Ariane Podlesny (she/her), born in 1993, is a Berlin-based User Experience Designer and Graphic Designer. She designs and photographs for cultural events and artists and creates interfaces for digital applications.




Organization: 25th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Coproduction/co-organisation: Night Window Display Gallery

Design of the poster and graphic design: Ariane Podlesny

Photo: Ariane Podlesny

Contacts for media and press: Saša Nemec,

Financial support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana


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Ariane Podlesny: Dawning Identity