Slobodan’s New Materialisms: 40


Tuesday, 5 March 2024, at 7.30 pm, the installation will be on view at any time between 7:30 and 10.30 pm

Project room SCCA, Metelkova street 6, 1000 Ljubljana

Interactive performative audio-corporeal installation

In the universal language of Art

Free entry, collection of voluntary contributions

The interactive performative sound-body installation is accessible to viewers anytime between 7:30 and 10:30 pm.


Slobodan’s New Materialisms: 40

Slobodan’s new materialisms present themselves with an interactive performative sound-body installation titled 40. The three-hour work of art, which addresses the class dimension of cultural capital, tells the life story of a performer whose beginnings, imbued with trash aesthetics, arose in the autonomous spaces of Ljubljana. Slobodan’s New Materialisms draw the artistic expression from the political-activist involvement and are fueled by topics such as class, gender, queerness, mental health and migration. He is mainly interested in how these perspectives or personal circumstances coexist as an inseparable whole. 40 thus opens up a completely new space for reflection on vulnerability for the participants, in which they can even perceive it embodied in the performer. Radical statements connected with minimalistic means of realization, as we are used to by the artist, effectively communicate moving content, deeply immersed in the themes of queer-feminism, while at the same time, with light playfulness, they make deep and hurtful cuts in the fabric of heteronormative patriarchy, rooted in all of us, the viewers. The interactive performative sound-body installation is accessible to viewers anytime between 7:30 and 10:30 pm.



Slobodan’s New Materialisms alias Slobodan Malić (1983) started performing at an early age. Univ. B.Sc. sociologist and French Linguist, works with various genres of performing arts since 2013. They continue her education and create as a performer, drag artist, movement artist, actor, producer and screenwriter. They perform both in autonomous spaces and in larger, more institutionalized ones. She has worked with various institutes, including the Kitsch Institute and the City of Women. He has been a member of the queer feminist collective Red Dawns for many years, creates in the collectives FEM TV and Cabaret Tiffany, and collaborates with various artists, including Bojan Jablanovec, Natasa Živković and Jaša Mrevlje – Pollak. They also perform in a play with the Theatre of the Oppressed method and have been developing in all aspects in the immersive theatre Dead End for many years. Her research interests include topics of gendered practices, hegemonic masculinity and power relations, home and migration, class and cultural capital, and the role of art as such. Since 2019, he has lived and worked between Berlin and Ljubljana.



Organization: 25th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns Author: Slobodan Malić

Coproduction/co-organisation: SCCA-Ljubljana

Design of the poster and graphic design: Ariane Podlesny

Photo: Slobodan’s New Materialisms

Contacts for media and press: Saša Nemec,

Financial support: City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture


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Slobodan’s New Materialisms: 40
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