Area of Weaved Space


Sunday, 3 March 2024, at 8 pm

Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva street 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Performative installation


Ticket 12€, 8€ students and seniors. Free entrance for the unemployed upon presentation of proof


Area of Weaved Space

The area of the woven space is gathering together while collectively weaving space, from which emerges a temporary community and the practice of a different kind of attention. It arises from a newly established community of three creative women who are not involved in the creative process through clearly defined functions, but share all the necessary functions and responsibilities and they transform and thus constantly learn and unlearn work and cooperation methods from each other and together.

The loop we find ourselves in has prompted reflection on the understanding and importance of progress as something that is a product of a patriarchal capitalist society. It measures time and activities linearly and constantly looks forward. Because of the linear understanding of time and space, society unconsciously creates a destructive cycle of action. To understand the cycle as a way of group action, female creators turned to the observation of cyclical, repetitive works that are based on care and which throughout the history of patriarchy have always been overlooked and attributed to the female gender as something natural and therefore inferior. We assume that it is precisely through these diverse caring practices that we can find an alternative to the modern capitalist system.



Urška Preis, aka rouge-ah, is a composer, harpist, visual artist, writer, and curator. Their artistic practice focuses largely on researching the topic of pain and dreams, interweaving feminist theories and practices.

Tery Žeželj was trained as a dramaturg and currently works as a member of the artistic board in Glej Theatre and as a research assistant at the Research Centre for Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica. Her research interests are situated at the intersection of performing arts, ecology, and feminism.

Lučka Centa is an intermedia artist, who works mainly in the medium of performance, installation, video, and photography. Her artistic practice focuses on nature-society interconnectedness with the idea that the body is both a natural and social object, which allows it to function as a bridge between the spheres.



Authors: Lučka Centa, Urška Preis, Tery Žeželj

Content co-creators: Büşra Albayrak, Serhat Gücüm and Robin Krijgsman

Mentoring: Anja Pirnat, Marko Čeh

Mentoring support: Branko Jordan, Barbara Poček

Design of light: Žan Rantaša

Sound design: Samo Dernovšek

Video: Borut Bučinel

Photo: Marijo Zupanov, Serhat Gücüm

Technical manager: Grega Mohorčič

Technical support: Brina Ivanetič, Žan Rantaša, Samo Dernovšek

Creative and executive production: Anja Pirnat

Public relations: Tjaša Pureber (until autumn 2022), Tina Malenšek, and Andrej Pervanje (from autumn 2022)

Production: Theater Glej

Support: City Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture and JSKD

Area of Weaved Space was created as part of the international Boundary Crossing 2022 project and brings together three female creators with remarkably diverse backgrounds and experiences who have never worked together before. The creative process was triggered by the reflection of the myth that art must be critical, progressive, and avant-garde, and the awareness that an attempt to reject a myth is always criticism. In modern society, the status and power of criticism are reduced to the status of a product and coincide with the tendency towards continuous production.




Organization: 25th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Coproduction/co-organisation: Glej Theatre

Design of the poster and graphic design: Ariane Podlesny

Contacts for media and press: Saša Nemec,

Financial support: City of Ljubljana – Culture Department


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Area of Weaved Space