Petra Korent: Welcome Back to Paradise



Petra Korent: Welcome back to Paradise
Thursday, 18.2., at 18:00

Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, ACC Metelkova City
Metelkova ulica 4, Ljubljana
Free entry


You are invited to visit Petra Korent’s exhibition Welcome Back to Paradise, which will be visible from the public platform in front of the Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, AKC Metelkova Mesto. The exhibition will be on view from the 18th of February 2021 onwards.


Petra Korent‘s exhibition Welcome Back to Paradise announces the arrival of the 22nd edition of the Red Dawn Feminist and Queer Festival, for which the author has also designed the visual identity, and opens the doors of this year’s exhibition season at the Nočna izložba Pešak Gallery. The beginning of the exhibition year will be marked by playfulness, positive energy and Red Dawns.

The drawing or drawings upon which we will be looking through the gallery windows show an interior, although due to the predominant green color, the scene could also be interpreted as a meadow. The artist’s style is characterized by the drawing of self-portraits, placed in everyday situations next to various objects that have a symbolic meaning for the author. Petra Korent’s style is marked by vivid colors, flatness and playful humorous scenes pertaining to her everyday life, in which also naked characters usually appear. She is proficient in the collage technique, which she also chose for this exhibition.

Paradise, here interpreted as a home interior, is the author’s personal wonderland, and through the title addresses itself. At the same time, the exhibition offers us ways to  think about our own everyday lives. Simultaneous fantastic landscapes and colorfulness on the one hand, and commitment to realism and details on the other, speak of a love of life marked by freedom and relaxation. These are expressed through the portrayed character and the objects that surround her in the world of her creativity.


Anabel Černohorski



The exhibition will be on display between 18.2. and 8.4.2021
Free entry


Curator: Anabel Černohorski

Photo archive: Božo Rakočević

Production: Nočna izložba Pešaki Gallery, KUD Mreža

Co-production: Red Dawns, KUD Mreža

Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture


Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

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Petra Korent: Welcome Back to Paradise