Concert and DJane programme: Contorture (SWE), Doxie (IT), Pakt (SLO) and DJane Tigresse (SLO)

You are kindly invited to the concert of Contorture (SWE), Doxie (IT), Pakt (SLO) and DJane programme by DJane Tigresse (SLO), on Saturday 10th of March, at 21.00, at Club Gromka, ACC Metelkova mesto.

D-Beat from Göteborg
D-beat tornado that goes by the name Contorture consists of four grrrls who have been active in the Swedish crust punk scene for several years. They have been playig in other bands, such as Agrimonia and Vicious Irene. Contorture has released four albums, two of them in collaboration with Swedish Indicious process and Canadian Ahna. In on eof the MAximumrocknroll they wrote: »Handle with care, this is fuggin’ deadly. Göteborg’s Contorture goes straight for the jugular with their raging feminist käng, expertly toeing the raw/melodic line that has come to define Swedish crust in the last decade« (

Punkrock from Bologna
Punkrockers Doxie were formed only two years ago but they are no newbies in the music scene. The members also play in bands such as Horror vacui, Kontatto, Montenegro and Into the Baobab. Their sound is the sound of true punkrock, full of simple melodies, but far from sugar-coated punkrock.

666beat from Koper, Ljubljana
The local band Pakt brings together musicians from Human Host Body, Melete, Anarho Terror Squad, Antikontra… Their d-beat is inspired by raw hardcore/punk bands, and are recently promoting their first cassette Aural Noise Annihilation. Nika’s vocal interventions cut through the distorted chaotic noisy sound.

Suggested contribution for the concert and DJane programme: 5 euros.

23:30 DJane programme: DJane TIGRESSE (SLO)

Let’s dance in the rhythms of EX-YU punk and new wave with bands such as Azra, Paraf, Termiti, Haustor, Prljavo Kazalište, EKV, Idoli, Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam, Zabranjeno Pušenje and others.

Suggested contribution for the DJane programme:
2 euros.

Organisation, coproduction: Club Gromka (music cycle R.A.F.A.L.), KUD Podtalnica
Co-organization: Club Gromka, KUD Podtalnica

Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

Concert and DJane programme: Contorture (SWE), Doxie (IT), Pakt (SLO) and DJane Tigresse (SLO)
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