Senith, photo: Angela Potenza

Performance BAD ASSolo – Senith (I)

You are kindly invited to the performance BAD ASSolo on Friday 9th March, at 22:00, at club Gromka, ACC Metelkova mesto.


Drag is an aesthetic, a form of art, it is playing with stereotypes, it is social critique. Drag is a way to perform masculinity and femininity, regardless of our own gender. Drag is the body, and bodies sometimes provoke morbid curiosity, vertigo, annoyance, fear. Bodies transform themselves, they smell, take up space, invade, penetrate, dress and undress. What about those bodies that don’t hide themselves? Are they disturbing? No, they contaminate.
Let’s contaminate!
In Senith’s style, you’ll discover a very personal story of a drag performer. We could say Drag Queer… Not King, nor Queen, but In Between. The performance is contaminated by style, show genres and, of course, by Gender… Among wigs, moustaches, sequins, Ombretta Colli, viragos, femmes, revolutions and dreams, you’ll discover a passionate love story.

Senith has been a queer drag performer, organiser of workshops and events, as well as a queer activist for more than a decade, and is the art director of the biannual international queer festival GendErotica. She experiments with gender roles and erotic imaginaries, and embodies the very first critical performing construction of a Faux Queen in Italy, through which she works on the redefinition of a queer collective imaginary of the feminine.



Suggested contribution: 5 eur

Co-production/Co-organization: club Gromka, KUD Podtalnica

ACC Metelkova mesto

Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

Performance BAD ASSolo – Senith (I)
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