Concert of improvised music: Neža Naglič & Irena Tomažin: nnit

Concert of improvised music

Neža Naglič & Irena Tomažin (Slovenia): nnit

nnit (threadd) is a concert of improvised music, an intertwing of voice and prepared piano.

Neža Naglič is a young Slovene pianist and improvisor, interested in the exploration of piano’s sound capacities that go beyond it’s functionality and tempered tuning. She interferes with the instrument’s interior, sounds the strings, the soundboard and other parts of piano with the help of various objects, including kitchen utensils and housekeeper’s tools. She is a long-time member of experimental collective Salamandra Salamandra and recently joined the Lolita band. She participated in numerous other ad hoc improvisation ensembles and worked with improvisers such as Marko Karlovčec, Tomaž Grom and Seijiro Murayama. Occasionally, she organizes alternative jazz concerts and concerts of contemporary classical and improvised music.

Irena Tomažin is a Slovene choreographer, dancer, actress, performer and sound artist. She was awarded with the Zlata ptica Award for her performances Kaprica (2005) and (S)pozaba kaprice (2006). In 2008, she continued to explore movement and voice in performances Kot kaplja dežja v usta molka and Splet okoliščin. She uses the name iT for her solo projects and has collaborated with many musicians, such as Lydia Lunch and the Bast Collective. In her diverse work, she uses her voice to deconstruct popular tunes and theatrical story telling. She plays with syllables, rhythm and the dismantling of words in the style of literary modernisms and avantgardisms of the past century, exploring the expressive power of gasps, clicks and sighs.


Entrance fee for nnit and chra: 5 €

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Concert of improvised music: Neža Naglič & Irena Tomažin: nnit