Revoltaža Female's'Cream

Concert Maneki Nekoč (AT) and DJ and VJ programme Revoltaža Female’s’Cream (SLO) @ Menza pri koritu

Red Dawns and  Menza pri koritu present


Maneki Nekoč (AT) at 23:30

Maneki Nekoč (Austria) was founded in 2009 in Graz/Austria to make music that moves and touches emotionally. The sentimental riot grrrls make sure that the audience is spinned around on an emotional rollercoaster by their melodramatic, but crisp acoustic-pop with piano, guitar, accordion and vocals. Sometimes there is one voice, other times more, with melodica, or without: every concert is different! There are no instructions for the proper enjoyment of the music: be crazy, wild, sunshiny, loud, calm, dumb, melancholic, bemused, thirsty and never full! Dance, sit, stand up, weep, sigh and yell!

Maneki Nekoč from Graz is a female team with an interesting name -’maneki-neko’ is Japanese ceramic cat that was supposed to bring luck. The members of Maneki Nekoč are flirting with the feminist and punk movement riot grrrl from the 90s, which was fighting against sexism and for the breakthrough of female musicians and artists. Despite being close to the movement in terms of ideas, Maneki Nekoč is also very different from it: not being so explosive, but rather more alternative-pop-folk music-like. The girls have been mostly gaining experience on Austrian stages. They have published their first record, entitled ‘Put the cat among the pigeons’, in September 2012.

The musicians:
Christina Lessiak (vocals), Daniela Oberndorfer (guitar, melodies), Sarah Schöberl (keyboard), Angelina Gross (harmonics, vocals).


DJ and VJ programme

Revoltaža Zadruge Female’s’Cream at 00:30

In the early 1950s, Doria Šafik was a an activist leader for the rights of women in Egypt. She was fighting against the British occupation and leading a campaign for the literacy of women. The fact that women have the right to vote in Egypt can be attributed to Šafik. This year, however, the leading Egyptian parliamentary Muslim party achieved the erasure of Šafik from school books and history.

Egyptian women, in the meantime, have been protesting and fighting for freedom for two years. Women have become the collateral damage of the Arabian spring. Although four out of five participants of the protests are attacked, these women keep bleeding for freedom.

The all-Slovenian rise against the political and capitalistic elites also appears to marginalize women. Men are those who hold activist speeches, men are those who are hosted on TV shows, men are those who are invited to public discussions, men are those who write manifests, and who suggest alternatives and publish in national printed media.

The revolution is turning its back on women, so no more revolution without us!

// Nibeye (
// Nina Hudej (
// Miss K (
// Damaris (

// Guilty Eve
// Koala

Revoltaža is a sequence of electronic audio-video events, with which you will be left without any doubt that male occupation of music structures and processes is a consequence of social sexual inequalities and not of the equation of biology with guitar, conductor’s rod, or a mixing desk.

Entrance fee: 5 €

Co-organization: Zadruge Female’s’Cream, Menza pri koritu

Map of ACC Metelkova

Menza pri koritu, ACC Metelkova mesto (building Hlev)
Concert Maneki Nekoč (AT) and DJ and VJ programme Revoltaža Female’s’Cream (SLO) @ Menza pri koritu
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