Monika Pocrnjić: Strojna oprema: cel žur!

/ETC: Two-day Workshop: Monika Pocrnjić (SLO): Hardware Fun

THURSDAY, MARCH 8TH – Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Red Dawns and Kiberpipa present Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012

Two-day Workshop

Monika Pocrnjić (SLO): Hardware Fun

Today, a computer is mainly an electronic device for automatic processing, storing and transmission of data. It became a tool without which it seems impossible to do any day-to-day tasks. What’s hiding inside of this physical appearance in a form of a box? In this workshop we will first explore the “anatomy” of a computer and then later encounter different visual solutions offered by fun assembling of computer hardware.
Monika Pocrnjić (SLO) is a student of Visual Arts Education in Maribor where she is also a tutor at the Department of Visual Arts. She works as an assistant and organizer of visual arts workshops for youth with special needs (cerebral paralysis). Lately she’s been actively connected to Biomodd team, which combines live biology and computer waste, and with mechatronic artists from Switzerland.

In English and Slovene. Open to all women and trans-identified people. No participation fee. Please, apply to: (Subject: Hardware Fun).

Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6
March 9th, 10:00-13:00
/ETC: Two-day Workshop: Monika Pocrnjić (SLO): Hardware Fun