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Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012

Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) is a gathering of women interested in open source technology. (Almost) each year, the carnival is organised by a different local group, with the support of the international network of womens’ and feminist collectives. While the philosophy and themes are continued from one /ETC to the next, each event has a distinct local flavour and focuses on specific local needs and contexts. Women travel from all over the world to participate, share skills and have cultural exchange.

The 12th edition in Ljubljana includes hands-on workshops on solar-powered micro-devices, electro-magneto-sensing wearables and having fun with computer hardware. It features presentations and a round table about sustainable educational media-labs for women. Ljubljana’s /ETC is created in close collaboration between Red Dawns festival and Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe). It is supported by LJUDMILA – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (at KUD France Prešeren in Trnovo).

All /ETC events are free of charge and open to women and trans people.

Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6
March 6th-10th
Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012