Sabrina Basten in Audrey Samson/ genderchangers: Koerperspule

/ETC: Two-day Workshop: Sabrina Basten (D) and Audrey Samson (NL) / Genderchangers: Koerperspule

Red Dawns and Kiberpipa present Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012

Sabrina Basten (D) and Audrey Samson (NL) / Genderchangers: Koerperspule

At the workshop, we are going to engineer a wearable device from re-purposed objects to make electromagnetic fields audible. Participants are asked to bring an old electronic object (preferably with coils in it) to be dismantled. The coils are then re-purposed into inductor microphones (mics that pick up electromagnetic frequencies). The participants design a wearable amplifier using copper sheets as conductive material (and re-using the old components of the dismantled object). The copper material acts both as circuit tracks and as an antenna. The amplifier is then fixed to a wearable construction. We end the day by a walk through the city discovering the electromagnetic environment and its interaction with the KOERPERSPULE.

The workshop is about understanding how things work, breaking things open, working with the physical leftovers of planned obsolescence, re-incarnating old components and exploring the body as an antenna. It is also about exploring the hidden world of omnipresent electromagnetic fields. No previous knowledge about electronics is required. Material: old radios, TVs, VHS players, mobiles, tape recorders or kitchen appliances hanging around? Some with sentimental value which you can’t bare to throw away? Migrate the sentimentality by re-purposing components from your objects of passion into a wearable electromagnetic field sniffer. Bring an old electrical object and preferably an old piece of clothing or accessory.

In English. Open to all women and trans-identified people.No participation fee. Please, apply to: (Subject: Koerperspule).

Sabrina Basten and Audrey Samson work in different fields of art. Sabrina is mainly working on spatial installations which deal with the behaviour of specific materials and of the visitor in the space. Audrey is interested in the stories of objects and how they can be told. Together they think of how material can tell a story and how it can interact with its surroundings. Sabrina and Audrey get their inspiration from inner parts of discarded objects. They work from the products of planned obsolescence, re-assembling objects with new functionalities in a DIY fashion.

Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6
March 7th, 15:00-18:00
/ETC: Two-day Workshop: Sabrina Basten (D) and Audrey Samson (NL) / Genderchangers: Koerperspule
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