Concert: Sookee (DE), EsRap (AT)

Sookee (DE), EsRap (AT)

After the concert: VJane Adela Jušić (BiH) & DJane HouseWife (SLO)

Sookee aka Quing is a hip hop musician and rapper who points at problems within hip hop culture – sexism, homophobia, violence and the idealization of capitalist ideology –  and uses queer and feminist concepts to overcome them. In her lyrics Sookee deals with topics such as structures of power and identity, how they affect our lives and how to deal with them. Her music serves as an alternative to existing structures and concepts of gender roles. From 2003 to 2007 she worked together with Crew Profi Rap (along with Mad Max and BierPimp), and has contributed to various compilations such as the Rap City Berlin. In May 2011, the Pro Homo video in which she cooperated with Wallpaper, was released. Her discography includes Kopf Herz Arsch (2006), Quing (2010), Deine Elstern (2010) and Bitches Butches Dykes & Divas (2011). Sookee is also active among the youth, organizing workshops on rap, slam poetry and creative writing. She is also active in the movement Smash homophobia!.

EsRap is a young female rapper based in Vienna. Before Esrä began to rap, she wrote poetry. Later on she combined it with the traditional Turkish music. Her lyrics are based on her experiences and insights, and are an expression of her Self. She will perform with her brother. She first performed on “Winterfest 08” organized by Backbone20, and next appeared in the Vienna city hall in front of the huge audience of “Hip Hop Collabo 09”. This was the breaking point of her career since this performance led to invitations to other events. She herself says that it is not always easy to be a woman on the hip hop scene. She however learned early on how to deal with recognition and success, and is grateful for the support she receives from friends and family. Her goal is to produce unique beats with the help of suitable software tools and automatic music instruments.


After the gig: VJ set by Adela Jušić (BiH) and DJ set by HouseWife (SLO) with a subtle fusion of house styles, ranging from new school, electropop and micro house to disco house, deep house, lounge, electro, techno and minimal.

Entrance fee: 7 € (after the concert: 2 €)

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Klub Gromka, Metelkova Mesto
Concert: Sookee (DE), EsRap (AT)
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