Nataša Mušević

/ETC Artist presentations: Nataša Muševič (SLO), Maja Kalogera (HR), Deborah Hustić (HR), Audrey Samson (NL)

Red Dawns and Kiberpipa present Eclectic Tech Carnival 2012

Artist presentations

Nataša Muševič (SLO), Maja Kalogera (CRO), Deborah Hustić (CRO), Audrey Samson (NL)

In Slovene and English. Open to everyone. No entrance fee.

Nataša Muševič (SLO) aka Dot is a music producer, singer, songwriter, record label manager and a multimedia artist. She moved to London at the age of 19 to study sound engineering and later finished her honours degree in Recording Arts from London’s SAE Institute. Her degree paper was on the subject of copyright law and artist income distribution, which led to her becoming an eager Creative Commons supporter. During her years in London she managed Immigrant Recordings with Subeena. This is the first dubstep record label managed by female producers with their own releases in the time when dubstep was yet to be considered a serious genre. Under the alias Dot, she produced music, which was supported by dubstep promoters and DJs such as Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC1), L.D.(Rinse Fm, Transition), Chef (Rinse Fm, Transition), Elemental (Hotflush, Runtime) and others. She also collaborated musically with various musicians such as Brazilian singer Clara Moreno, beat-boxer MCZani, jazz ensemble ZED-U, saxophone player Andy Williams, drummer Pharoah Russel etc. Natasha’s work in intermedia art extends to collaborative projects such as Magnetic Matrix (with Marko Batista), Sonične Skulpture (with Boštjan Čadež, Marko Batista and Satja Lumbar) and Sonosthesia (with Jernej Marušič a.k.a. Octex). Her interest in multimedia art aims to include continuous research of sonic frequencies, which have always been the main focus of her creations. Her new record label Read Write Music is a Creative Commons label, which aims to publish physical music releases (vinyls).

Maja Kalogera (CRO) is an interdisciplinary artist and community catalyst, who consistently places herself at the convergence of art and technology. Born in Zagreb, she holds B.F.A. from School of Applied and Visual Arts and M.Arch. from Architecture University in Zagreb. From 1999 she has been a member of the online collective Her creative work over the past 15 years has included a wide range of mediums including digital and interactive media, photography, painting, video and film. In her artwork she is interested in how people participate in physical and virtual spaces. This has led her to digital tools and interactive projects such as “Ground of My Studio”, “Accessible Happiness”, “Addiction” and “Rothko Generator”. From 2009, she has been involved in the activities of the AKC Medika’s Hacklab01, which has regular ongoing series of linux workshops. She also collaborates with the creative group med-i-kids, working in the Medika squat. As part of their activities, they organize workshops for girl VJs, recycling, solarbotics, and various DIY experimentations.

Deborah Hustić (CRO) aka body pixel is an artist, blogger, web dreamer, working with high tech and low tech. She runs a solo project Body Pixel Studio for wearable, DIY and hacked gadgets and is a programme coordinator and organizer of the newly established Media lab I’MM in Zagreb. She graduated from Comparative Literature and Ethnology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at University Zagreb. She is trained in graphic design and participated in workshops in the fields of photography, dance, computer arts, semantic web, podcasts, textile arts, dance criticism, wearable technology, new media performance, Arduino, electronics, biohacking, etc. Her interests range from hooked-up to interactive performance and motion, wearable technology and the usage of new media art in performative contexts, DIY ethos and free culture movement. She has participated as a workshop lecturer (covering topics of blogging and networking tools for artists and cultural professionals) on a few festivals and conferences. She was a web consultant for social media related topics within art and the cultural sector. She lives and works in Zagreb as an editor of a local arts and culture portal.

Audrey Samson (NL) grew up and studied in Montreal, Canada at first to become a commercial pilot, and later at various faculties at Concordia University. After moving to Melbourne, Australia, she was involved in a whole range of things, from tomato picking to graphic and web design (for Common Ground Publishing). She completed her Master’s Degree in media design at Piet Zwart Institute, in the Netherlands. She is now based in Rotterdam (NL) and Montreal (Canada). She works as a media artist, teacher, lab manager, and workshop facilitator. She is also a member of Genderchangers (a collective of women which promote the exchange of technical skills using FLOSS), and aether9 (a collaborative art project exploring the field of real-time video transmission). Her research focus includes the use of online medium for mourning purposes, concept of finality in reproducible media, women’s relationship to technology and the affordances of the internet medium in telematic performance.

Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6
/ETC Artist presentations: Nataša Muševič (SLO), Maja Kalogera (HR), Deborah Hustić (HR), Audrey Samson (NL)
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