Joko Ono

Concert: Joko Ono (SLO), Drek u pest (SLO)

Red Dawns and Gromka Club present

Joko Ono (SLO) , Drek u pest (SLO)

After the concert: DJane Tigresse (SLO)

Punk band Joko Ono is fronted by an eccentric exhibitionist Živa von Grotesque and instrumentally led by a part of the band Intimn Frizurn. Their music is loud, impact and direct, as well as jokingly serious. They have had several concerts throughout Slovenia, also as participants on the last Radio Student’s Club Marathon in 2011.

Živa Zidar: vocals
Žiga Kranjc: bass
Igor Iskra: drums
Žiga Rangus: guitar

Drek u pest (‘Shit in fist’), a DIY female-fronted punk band coming from Ljubljana and Kranj region, has gained a respectable status on the Slovene punk scene. With their latest album New Songs, Old Shit they have slightly deviated from oi punk and layered a fuller sound of guitars, with rock’n’roll influences and ska rhythms. Their new music is even faster and more audacious.

Katja: vocals
Jack: bass
Tkalc: guitar
Rok: drums

After the concert a DJ after-party with a riot grrrl, new wave and punk set will be maneuvered by DJane Tigresse (SLO).

Entrance fee: 3 €

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Klub Gromka, Metelkova Mesto
Concert: Joko Ono (SLO), Drek u pest (SLO)
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