Damir Imamović_photo by Jože Svetičič

Concert: Damir Imamović (BiH)

Red Dawns and Serbian Cultural Center Danilo Kiš present

Damir Imamović (BiH)

With his solo performances, Damir Imamović offers a personal and intimate insight into the history of sevdah by reinterpreting this traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. With his detailed examination of the history of sevdah and his gentle subversion of the genre, Damir Imamović tends to address the present rather than the past. His performances are an intense acoustic experience and a contemporary reinterpretation of the cultural and social context of a tradition-bound musical legacy.

Damir Imamović (BiH), guitarist and sevdah vocalist has, has presented himself to Slovenian audience several times, both as a soloist and with Damir Imamović Trio. After finishing his studies of philosophy he committed himself to music, especially sevdah, and has performed extensively across his homeland and Europe. Singer, interpreter, chronicler, archivist and author of sevdalinkas is going to perform at Red Dawns fest as part of his travelling lab or discussion workshop Sevdah-Lab which is going to take place in Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis – Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities on March 12th. The lab – as well as the concert in Menza pri koritu – are organized by Serbian Cultural Center Danilo Kiš.

Selected discography:
Svrzina kuća (iTM, 2011)
Damir Imamović (Gramofon, 2010)

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Entrance fee: 5 €

Menza pri koritu, Metelkova Mesto
Concert: Damir Imamović (BiH)