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photo: Igor Čoko

Performance – concert/open form: Et l’Europe alors – Manifesto

You are kindly invited to the performance – concert/open form Et l’Europe alors : Manifesto, Saturday 10th of March at 19:30,  Cirkusarna Naokrog, Autonomous Factory Rog.


What to say now? And how? Are there words beside the action? Are there words that come from the action? Are there words of love for the action? Are there any words for us?

I have nothing to say. My words are now those of those who struggle. Nothing to say in Europe Auschwitz on the beach, still colonialist, self-complacent and infamous, still hunting for the scapegoat and a master of indifference. In this I look for what makes the difference. The difference is a life that is not suppressible, everything that – with love – escapes control and that returns the breath. My words are now the text manifesto written by Greek comrades. They are poetry without an author. They are a poem and a collective action.

Et l’Europe alors is an artistic and political project on the contradictions of today’s Europe, on the substantive ambiguity that combines egalitarian ideologies and highly discriminating and exclusionary practices. Et l’Europe alors focuses on marginalities and the breaks of globalized society, such as the migrations and the inadequacy of the policies implemented by the governments concerned, questioning how to produce political and cultural discourse around these issues that doesn’t become functional to system interests. It is a project devoted to contexts and spaces that are implementing different dynamics from the dominant system of artistic and cultural production, linking artistic practice and political activism. The realization of the events Et l’Europe alors in independent spaces and occupations is a specific value of the project, which seeks mutual consistency between proposed content and contexts in which they are presented, between languages and modes of cultural and political production, underlining a shortcut in the separation between art-society-policy- life.


Text: Manifesto by the squat YFANET – Thessaloniki

Nhandan Chirco – voice and actions

Salvo Sanchirico – electric guitars, keyboards, electronic

Marco Sanchirico – drum set. & special interventions

Duration – 45”


Co-production/Co-organization: Cirkusarna NaokRogAutonomous Factory Rog

Map of Autonomous Factory Rog

Performance – concert/open form: Et l’Europe alors – Manifesto