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Music performance: exxxxtra*porno (SI)

You are kindly invited to the music performance of duo exxxxtra*porno, on Friday 9th of March, at 21.00, at club Gromka, ACC Metelkova mesto.


Experimental music duo exxxxtra*porno are Asja Hrvatin (1990) and Kristina Vrčon (1990). They started working as a duo in the winter of 2016, after meeting over coffee, where Asja was pouring out her anger over misogynistic comments she and her sisters* are exposed to in everyday life because they are feminists. Later, Kristina took her guitar and created the music for the words. Dissatisfaction with sexism present in left-wing circles and autonomous spaces they visit and co-create culminated in the musical vibrations of the Unfucked feminazi song (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efThYtEaoVc). Because of its length, the song also functions as a manifest, clear political (and feminist) standpoint, and – as it consists of real statements – it was well received. Their premiere performance was in the Alkatraz Gallery on 9 March 2017, as a part of the performance I spit on the revolution! Of the collective The Uprising Social Workers, at the festival Red Dawns (review: http://torekobpetih.si/tema/revolucija-bo-feministicna-ali-pa-je-ne-bo/). Since then, exxxxtra*porno performed two more times in Autonomous Old Factory Rog in Ljubljana, in April and June 2017. They are currently preparing new material that examines macho behaviour and sexual(ized) violence in its many forms.

Suggested contribution: 5 eur

Co-organization: Klub Gromka, KUD Podtalnica

Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

ACC Metelkova mesto

Music performance: exxxxtra*porno (SI)