Vala Tanz

Drag queen performance and concert: Vala Tanz, Queen of the Night (PL) and Le Toy (AT)

Vala Tanz, Queen of the Night (PL)

Vala Tanz will transform into a queen of the night in the interdisciplinary drag queen performance. She will be vogue dancing, making you laugh to tears and she will cry tears of joy and casually check what is written in your stars. As befits the Drag Queen, the audience will be sprinkled with fairy dust and given an unpretentious reflection on queer culture. Feminine boys and masculine girls, welcome, whereas your fears of genderfucking you’d better leave at home.

The performance will be held in English.

Le Toy (AT)

Viennese music performance duo Le Toy consists of Makki (vocals, synth, sound effects) and Flo (guitar, vocals, visuals). The playful bass guitar riffs, raw guitar sounds, resonance of the keyboards and velvety female vocals round up their performance and differentiate it from the rest. Compartmentalizing their musical achievements would be senseless, since their performance includes everything from synthpop and electro to rock and metal. Le Toy occupy the entire music scene. They claim their journey across the galaxy has led them to an important conclusion that the Planet Earth is like nothing else in the entire universe. Their music motto connects love, empathy and concern for their fellow humans as well as a universal passion for indulgence and music.

Le Toy – Beam me up brother

Co-production: GRRRLS Kulturverein Graz (Austria)

DJ collective The Golden Paws (AT)

The Golden Paws are a queer DJ collective based in Linz&Vienna,  consisting of Vanessa, Amina and Momo, the drag persona of Amina. After being friends for ages they have decided to create something out of their passion for music: The Golden Paws. In opposition to rigid boundaries, they try to find the right soundtrack for a good party – in doing so they don’t care much about limits concerning musical styles and the necessity for (pseudo-)professionalism. In return, they try to push music created and themed from and by womyn and underdogs, without limiting themselves only to that or demonizing mainstream music. And all this comes with a lot of gold glitter.

Co-organization: Menza pri koritu

Contribution: 7 €, 3 € (DJane programme)

Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

Drag queen performance and concert: Vala Tanz, Queen of the Night (PL) and Le Toy (AT)
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