Concert: Rita Braga (Portugal), All string detached (Slovenia)

Rita Braga

Rita Braga, a singer-songwriter and a performer from Lisbon, favours a do-it-yourself approach. In her artistic production, she is connecting completely contrarian influences, from Mozart to Swedish and Portuguese folk, cowboy songs, jazz, the samba of the twenties, and Bollywood. With ukulele, an instrument that Portuguese immigrants imported from Hawaii, she has been performing all over the world. Since 2004, she has toured the US, France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and other countries, where she performed in underground clubs, theatres, at comic books’ festivals, in burlesques, and children plays.

Her studio debut entitled Cherries That Went To the Police, was released in 2011. It consists of new versions of the old songs from various countries, and hosts musicians from Poland, the US and Argentina. During her first Brazilian tour in 2012, Rita founded her first rock’n’roll band Indiozinhos Psicodelicos. Her second studio album, for which she wrote all the songs, was recorded in Sao Paulo with her new band Casa do Mancha, whose producers are Mancha Leonel, Bernard Simon and Rita Braga. The album hosts Peri Pane on the cello, José Vieira on piano and José Falcão on the Brazilian drum “cuíca”. The album will be released this year.

Besides numerous travels with a small bag, in which she carries her ukulele, she has been working as an illustrator, a comedian and an animator. She graduated from musicology in Lisbon, and now lives in Porto, where she works as a cabaret producer and organiser. Her work also includes attractive illustrations, comic books, cartoons, singing in different languages, and a collaboration on musical projects, such as Borts Minorts from San Francisco and Chris Carlone from New York.

Her performance in Ljubljana will open her ‘ex-YU’ tour, which will continue in Murska Sobota and Bistrica ob Sotli. After Slovenia, she will perform in Zagreb, Belgrade, Cetinje, and wrap-up her tour in Pristina.

All strings detached

All strings detached is a Slovene female duo, whose debut will be shortly realeased. Their music comprises of melancholy, minimalism, ethereal melodies of two vocals and two sets of strings – bass and guitar.

Jana Beltran – electric,a custic guitar, vocals
Vesna Godler – electric bass, vocals

Entrance fee: 5 €.

Co-organization: Menza pri koritu

Menza pri koritu, ACC Metelkova mesto
Concert: Rita Braga (Portugal), All string detached (Slovenia)
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