Baabure, photo Ana Grobler

Vocal performance Lasugrlu: Baabure (SI)

Red Dawns have always nurtured and fulfilled the burning need for the encouragement of local art production. Over the last few years, we have staged the successful burlesque series Fem TV, the first performance of Rdeči kabaret (Red Cabaret), and snippets of lesbian-feminist visual art production Through Her Eyes. This year, we invited five experienced artists who will perform under the name Baabure for this occasion. Depending on the moonlight on the night of the performance, Baabure will furiously, wrathfully, primally, bleatingly, individually, collectively, wildly, gently or convulsively strain their vocal chords from the five windows of Nočna izložba Pešak (Night Window Display Gallery Pešak). Through the play of song and movement, they will reexamine the in/visibility of women, the windows representing the women’s sphere away from the public eye, making the visible less audible and the audible less visible.

Members of the audience will be able to observe the performance standing or sitting on the neatly maintained lawn below the windows or through the binoculars on the observation tower opposite the gallery.  Mural that surrounds the windows of the gallery is work of metelkovian artist Tina Drčar.


Tea Vidmar is known to a wider audience as an actor and mentor of the Ana Monro Street theatre. She is the vocalist of the band Positive Illusion and the narrator of Polona Prosen’s Lebanon stories. She studies classical singing in a music school and researches various vocal techniques.

Ana Kravanja, who has a degree in painting, is a creative musician and multi-instrumentalist performing her own music with both the Najoua duet and the Širom trio. She has collaborated with many musicians and dancers as a violin improviser. For the past two years, she has actively researched voice and singing while organizing musical workshops for children.

Mateja Gorjup is a graduated ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, a singer, pedagogue and mentor of various music workshops for all generations. She has devoted years to recreating Slavic folk songs, focusing on the Slovenian folk singing tradition. She explores voice and body. 2015 saw her musical debut, IJEKARU.

Vesna Godler is the vocalist and bass player of the All Strings Detached duo, as well as the vocalist and lyrics co-author of the rock-ethno band Didiwa. She has also collaborated with Prismojeni profesorji bluesa, Črni peter, Aritmija FreOoO and Andrej Fon on his Hupam, da ste dobro record.

Rada Kikelj Drašler has graduated in artistic photography from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist, a poet and the vocalist of Orkestrada, having received several awards for her musical and poetic work (1st prize at the Slovenian Chanson Festival, 1st prize at the Euro Globe Poetry Slam). She is also active in the field of street and children’s theatre.

In Slovene language
Voluntary contributions are more than welcome – and bloody well needed!

Co-organization: Nočna izložba Pešak

Map of ACC Metelkova mesto

Nočna izložba Pešak, ACC Metelkova mesto
Vocal performance Lasugrlu: Baabure (SI)
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