Z'borke, photo: Rebeka Bernetič

Concert: Feminist choir Z’borke (SI)

After exactly one year, the Feminist Choir Z’borke returns to the stage of Red Dawns. Z’borke continue their primary mission: to promote women artists and to expose social obstacles women face, as well as misogynist, sexist and nationalistic messages that are part of both choir and popular music.

This group of choir singers took a huge step away from the traditional Slovene choir scene whose agents wittingly or unwittingly reproduce problematic messages. They decided to form a non-hierarchical choir ruled by the principle of solidarity and equality through diversity, where music is not only the aesthetic form, but also clear political engagement.

In the two years since their emergence, Z’borke have rearranged misogynist songs, composed a feminist anthem and started working on a repertoire that focuses on women and strengthens solidarity and awareness. At the Red Dawns festival they will present their new repertoire in full for the first time and spice it up with an “air” intervention of Danijela Zajc.


Voluntary contributions are more than welcome – and bloody well needed!

Concert Hall, Tovarna Rog
Concert: Feminist choir Z’borke (SI)