Bella Cuts, photo by: Emanuele Torti

Performance: Lady Gaby (RO/D), DJane programme: Bella Cuts (NZ/D)

23:30 Performance: Lady Gaby (RO/D)

Gaby Bila-Günther – Lady Gaby is a performance artist, labeled as ‘the Peaches of Poetry’ in Berlin, the newspaper The Age (Melbourne) describes her as ‘oddly poetic, flamboyant and upbeat’,

Her poetry, she says, has to be experienced live. On the stage, she does spoken word with different beats, making her performance wonderfully energetic. A feminist, who amusingly plays with tabus, shows the bullshit of patriarchy through descriptions of everyday occurrences.

Born in Romania, now living and working in Berlin, where she moved to from Melbourne. Her articles, poetry and short stories appear on websites, in newspapers, magazines and literary anthologies in Australia, England, Czech Republic, Germany and Norway. She performed, curated, exhibited and wrote also in Denmark, Italy, Scotland, Spain. She worked with artists like Stelarc, Ron Athey, Vaginal Davis, Girls Who Like Porno etc.



00:30 DJane programme: Bella Cuts (NZ/D)

Bella Cuts’ obsession with danceable beats began in 1999, when she was a nightclub photographer in New Zealand. Soon she replaced her camera with turntables and became a DJ herself. Since 2011 she lives in Berlin, actively co-creating Berlin’s clubbing scene – as a DJ, producer, radio presenter & music selector. She works on the monthly Expatriarch show (broadcasted on the Berlin’s community radio), where music intersects with feminism and queer. Her debut EP will be released this year on Reveller Records. Before her performance at the festival, you can listen to her eclectic mash ups and compilations of fierce femme big beats and booty bass at


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Concert Hall, Tovarna Rog
Performance: Lady Gaby (RO/D), DJane programme: Bella Cuts (NZ/D)
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