The Anthology of Contemporary European Lesbian Poetry

This anthology supplements the previous one from 2009, Moral bi spet priti, sodobna evropska gejevska poezija (You Should Have Come Again, Contemporary European Gay Poetry). It presents a complete overview of contemporary lesbian poetry of both West and East – unique in the European space which previously featured only similar national anthologies or West-oriented selections. Now, we are presented with 55 female poets from 25 countries, 23 languages and 19 translators. As Nataša Velikonja concludes in the accompanying text: “It could be said the purpose of the Brez besed ji sledim (I Follow Her Silently) anthology lies in bringing the contemporary European lesbian poetic expression into the public eye. However, this book represents much more than a selection of lesbian poetry: it is also and still an input of difference, its rebellion, an input of the political into art itself and also into society. Poetry is still an expression and instrument of the oppressed, as well of those non-conformists who want to, and must, break ranks.

The anthology will be presented by its editor Brane Mozetič, along with Nataša Velikonja and some of the translators.

Brane Mozetič has so far edited three anthologies of homoerotic literature: Drobci stekla v ustih (Shards of Glass in the Mouth, 1989), Modra svetloba (Blue Light, 1990) and Moral bi spet priti (You Should Have Come Again, 2009).

In Slovene.

Co-production: Društvo ŠKUC
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Free entrance.

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ŠKUC – Cultural centre Q (Club Tiffany), ACC Metelkova mesto
The Anthology of Contemporary European Lesbian Poetry