Photo by: Sequenzsiaz

Concert: Lionoir (AT) and Sequenzsiaz (DE)

Lionoir (AT)

A little over a year ago, the female duo Lionoir was formed in nearby Vienna. This is their first visit to Slovenia! The band consists of academically educated Gloria Amesbauer and Sara Zlanabitnig. Their music is dark, predictable, sweet, loud, unusual and melancholic, but not as a rule. Let yourself be surprised!


23:30 Concert: Sequenzsiaz (DE)

Sequenzsiaz is the solo project of the songwriter Joan M. Trinks from Eisenberg, Germany. Joan has been working under that name since 2001. From the start, she prefered synthesizers and electronic music as accompaniment, in contrast to most songwriters’ preference for string instruments. Her first song, Bracket RMX, featured the musician Dolores Synthetic. She self-published it online in 2006; the second song followed two years later. After this hesitant beginning, Joan M. Trink began performing in German clubs, drawing attention with her full singing voice, intimate lyrics and catchy melancholic melodies. In 2014, she published her debut under the title Sleepwalker.

00:30 DJane Slutty Trailer Trash (DE)

DJane Slutty Trailer Trash lives and works in Germany. She has never performed on Red Dawns before, which is one more reason for you to prepare your dancing shoes and stock up on energy. She’ll lead you through electropop, hip hop, wave and other disco music.

Concert hall, Tovarna ROG
Concert: Lionoir (AT) and Sequenzsiaz (DE)
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