La Chasse, photo: La Chasse

Concert: La Chasse (FR)

Fresh and energetic Marseille-based duo La Chasse (‘The Hunt’) are Ana Grollier and Julie Buisson who focus on original mix of guitars and drums and perform in different genres (metal, grunge, noise, psyche and synth). Both members perform or have been collaborating with several groups like: Véhémence, Mona Servo, Cimetière, Morse, Local 41, La Course à la Mort. In 2015 the duo has released its first debut La Chasse / Cancer – Split K7, cover of Kraftwerk’s Model and single C’est la Chasse. This year their second album Chatte CD was released. At their live performances they use their own video production, found material and inspiration from animal world, nature, esoteric, rituals, sexuality and body. The duo performed in France (Marseille, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, …), Switzerland and Slovenia (Maribor, MC Pekarna: Otto-Prod’s Night).

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La Chasse live at Strie Dent Festival 2015, Marseille:

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Concert hall, Tovarna ROG
Concert: La Chasse (FR)