Performative workshop – Quimera Rosa (ES): Body as a Postgender Sound Instrument

This workshop is focused on experimental body sound and performance. We are interested in a collective creation of DIY artefacts as a tool of re-signification of our relationship with technology and its role in the production of subjectivity. Quimera Rosa develops the idea of a cyborg identity as a technological and artistic creation which experiments with hybrid identities trying to escape an infinite list of dichotomies, such as natural/artificial, human/machine, human/animal, man/woman, homo/hetero, art/science, human/environment, touch/sound, ability/disability, normal/abnormal, public/private…
They propose an electronic circuit that generates sound: a bodynoise amp. This device transforms the body’s electrical activity into sound through contact between different bodies. It enables cyborg synesthetic exploration of touch and sound leading to perception and identity deconstruction. Attached to the body as a prosthesis, it allows experimentation with different states of the body. Quimera Rosa uses the device in its performances and has organized more than 20 workshops about its construction and use in Spain, France, Canada and Switzerland.

Quimera Rosa (Pink Chimera) is a lab that researches and experiments on body, technology and identities. From a transfeminist and post-identity perspective, they make bodies a platform for public intervention, breaking up limits between public and private. Most of their work is developed in a collaborative way, and always under DIY technologies and free culture paradigm.
Quimera Rosa is formed by Cecilia Puglia and Rubi Bote. From its inception in Barcelona in 2008, it has nomadically conquered the streets, universities, cultural centres, museums, squats and festivals around Europe and America.

Duration: 4-5 hours.
The number of participants is limited. Please, apply at:
Participation fee: 35€ (includes all the workshop technical equipment).

Workshop will be in English.

Co-organization: ŠKUC – Cultural centre Q (Club Tiffany)

ACC Metelkova mesto map

ŠKUC – Cultural centre Q (Club Tiffany), ACC Metelkova mesto
Performative workshop – Quimera Rosa (ES): Body as a Postgender Sound Instrument
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