Let’s Radicalise Feminism

Open discussion: Thinking the Impossible (6): Let’s Radicalise Feminism

In the times of constant confrontation with the crisis of capitalism in Europe and abroad, we are going to discuss how capitalism is impacting on our lives in terms of personal radicalisation, and how it is pushing us back into the sphere of reproductive work.

What are our experiences of sexism and chauvinism in public places and in alternative communities?

What would the feminism that we need today be like? In what way can we radicalise feminist movement and construct new forms of political action? How can we incorporate feminist practices and principles into all fights and movements for a profound change? Let´s radicalise feminism!

Thinking the Impossible is a discussion session addressing the current issues of fighting against capitalism in a horizontal way.  Its initiators are membes of the Anticapitalist block , who would like to open up a space for a non-hierarchical and active  participation. The convenors of the discussion are Deep Green Resistance Slovenia, Lesbian-Feminist University, and A-Infoshop.

Free Entrance.

Co-organization: A-Infoshop, Deep Green Resistance Slovenia, Lesbian Feminist University

ACC Metelkova mesto map

Open discussion: Thinking the Impossible (6): Let’s Radicalise Feminism