photo: Drago Videmšek

Contemporary Circus Workshop: Aerial silks dancing – Danijela Zajc (SLO)

You are kindly invited to Contemporary Circus Workshop: Aerial Silk Dancing, Saturday 11th of March, Circus in Rog, Cirkusarna Naokrog, Autonomous Factory Rog.


“Contemporary circus combines traditional circus art with theatre, dance and musical arts, and pushes the boundaries of physical and non-verbal theatre, thus creating a new space of creativity.” (  Circus discipline, aerial silk dancing, movement and acrobatics is one of the youngest circus disciplines and was officially recognized only in 1998 (
At the aerial silk dance workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of this discipline, but if you already know the basics, you will be able to upgrade your skills. The discipline requires a full involvement of the whole body and good physical fitness. The workshop will consist of a floor and aerial part. The first part will consist of: warming up, stretching, static and dynamic exercises to enhance strength, exercises for body coordination, exercises for the hand and head stand, bridge, cartwheel. In the second part you will learn the climbing basics on aerial silks and some basic tricks. There will also be an opportunity to compose a short performance that could be presented in the evening to the festival audience. This will depend on the interest and involvement of the participants of the workshop.

Danijela Zajc (1985) is a performer, mentor and co-organizer of the festival Red Dawns, festival Reciklart, and The Fall festival. She accumulates knowledge of contemporary circus and aerial acrobatics with choreographer and mentor Branko Potočan, and in many workshops at home and abroad. She performs with the group Fourklour, Image Snatchers and individually. She graduated in Sociology of Culture and Pedagogy. She is a member and co-founder of Feminist Choir, Z’borke. She co-manages a circus space Cirkusarna NaokRog in Autonomous Factory Rog.


Workshop length: 3 hours. In Slovene and English.
The number of participants is limited. Please, apply at:

Suggested contribution: 5€

Co-production/Co-organization: Cirkusarna NaokRog, Autonomous Factory Rog



Contemporary Circus Workshop: Aerial silks dancing – Danijela Zajc (SLO)
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