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Ana Grobler: Super Ultra

Videos: The Flesh is Weak – Reina Vulva (SI), Super Ultra – Ana Grobler (SI), Me and you – Eva Lucija Kozak (SI)

The Flesh is Weak. Meat, cut into thin slices in shiny showcases. Rather dead than simple. Flash, glare, glory, the shine of victory, shrines and cannons, gasping for flesh, put up a flag, stick a fork in the flesh. Meaty, greasy, slime, depths, sticky, decomposing, organic, animalistic, Other – packaged in decagrams. Body, nature, protected, secured, invaded in the name of the fatherland, till death do us part. Dividing line – woman-mother-fatherland-state – nonexistent. Omnipresent, perimeter, shape of an object – echo – of a certain subject. Blood of his blood, bone of his bones. Amen.


The animation Super Ultra by Ana Grobler from 2008, contains a computer-drawn text and images that speak about the social position of women via the subject of menstrual blood. The work tackles the issue of mass media and commercial messages, forwarded to the viewers, and focuses on the messages hidden in advertisements for the sanitary towels, but touches also the environmental issues.


The video Me and You entwines scenes of various imaginary relationships and reflects on a relationship that does not include an active other. Aestheticised images of imaginary relationships highlight the  uncertainty of replaceable and irreplaceable.They represent the need for interpersonal contacts, their development and the inability to build relationships and connect the contrasting notions of narcissism and care, individualism and cooperation. Me and You opens up a discussion about women’s relationship to breastfeeding and motherhood, and interprets the discovering of one’s own sexuality.

Co-organization: A-Infoshop

Videos: The Flesh is Weak – Reina Vulva (SI), Super Ultra – Ana Grobler (SI), Me and you – Eva Lucija Kozak (SI)
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